Building on the popularity and success of the original Music for the Mind program, Music for the Mind II (MFM II) features a new sound stimulation auditory training program produced by Advanced Brain Technologies that is based on the science of psychoacoustics, or the study of how humans perceive sound.

Combining the latest psychoacoustic techniques with improvisational music and soothing nature sounds, MFM II naturally enhances the function of the ear and brain while providing a highly enjoyable listening experience through the unique music of Ostad Elahi—a master musician and virtuoso of the tanbour, a sacred Kurdish lute.

The new musical arrangements of MFM II not only stir a wide range of powerful emotions, but also provide the listener with the option to select which state of being to induce by selecting one of the four corresponding discs: energy, relaxation, contemplation, or well-being.

Through the practice of active listening, MFM II enables one to regain tranquility and focus in today’s hectic world and to develop greater attention and energy in one’s daily activities, thereby providing a doorway to begin the implementation of positive and profound changes in one’s life.

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“The music of Ostad Elahi is very sensitive, very intense, but also very precise and pure. I could hardly believe my ears ... never had I heard anything like it before”

~ Sir Yehudi Menuhin,
on the music of Ostad Elahi