Before getting started with MFM II, please take a moment to review the recommendations below.


Unlike the original MFM program, in which the use of headphones were strongly recommended, the benefits of MFM II can be enjoyed with or without the use of headphones.

If you do choose to use headphones for your listening pleasure, the frequency response should be between 20 to 23,000Hz or above, and listening volume should be kept low so as not to exceed level 6 or 7 (on an increasing volume scale of 1 to 10).

A Few Points to Keep in Mind

It is highly recommended to limit other activities while listening to MFM II in order to maximize the benefit and impact of the program.

Try to listen actively during the music sessions and to be mindful of the details and nuances of the music.

The music of MFM II has been produced for training purposes and is not presented in its original form. You may also notice slight changes in the quality of the sound as the program progresses.